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21 Nov 2014


TODAY: ...
VT: Owl attacks hawk at L.L. Bean
store opening ... (


FL: Great Horned Owl rescued from pool, creek after storms ...
(First Coast News)

UK: Suffolk has record number of
Barn Owl chicks ... after a
"disastrous" 2013 ... (BBC News)

UK: Glossy Ibis breeding hopes
alive despite lover's 'tiff' ...
(BBC News)
NOTE: ... next update to LBH will be
on Monday 11/24/14 6:30 am ...

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TN: Endangered Whooping Cranes
arrive in Tennessee by truck ... hope
the weather is better there ...


OR: Wind firm seeks to block release of bird-death data ...
Pacific Corp files suit to hide numbers from AP ...

OR: National Geographic asks: ...
should US government kill thousands
of birds to save salmon? ...
(National Geographic)

IA: Wells Fargo's latest housing
project is for the birds ... Osprey,
to be exact ... (Triad Business Journal)

Scientists document fur seals
having sex with King Penguins against
the penguins' wishes ... (BBC News)

UK: Bird flu ... what risk, if any,
does it pose to people? ... (BBC News)

CANADA - Birds getting drunk on
fermented berries ... put in jail
until sobered up ... (Toronto Star)

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PA: Harris's Sparrow/11-20 ...
NY: Common Ground Dove/11-20 ...
CT: Lark Sparrow/11-20 ...
CT: Gr. White-fronted Goose/11-20 ...
MA: Eared Grebe/11-20 ...
NY: Pacific Loon/11-20 ...
SC: Ross's Goose/11-20 ...
CT: Common Raven/11-20 ...
NJ: Sandhill Crane/11-20 ...
MA: American Oystercatcher/11-20 ...
MA: Don't overlook Cape Cod
National Seashore in winter ...
(National Parks Traveler)

MA: Snowy Owls back again on Plum
Island ... could be another banner
year ... (Daily News of Newburyport)

PA: Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
volunteer recognized with
international conservation award ...

PA: Rufous Hummingbirds expanding
eastward ... show up here in the late
fall ... (Allegheny Front)


MD: BOYD - Owl Moon Raptor Center hosts fundraiser for injured raptors ...

DE: DE officials arrest horseshoe
crabber ... had at least 167 on hand
when he was caught ... (

NJ: Snowy Owls return to the Jersey
Shore ... (Newsworks)
PA: Snowy Owl spotting in Erie could
mean more to come ... (Tribune-Review)

Panama sets new raptor migration
record ... 100-mile long river of
birds passing all day ... (

OR: Wayward Eurasian goose makes
rare appearance on Oregon coast ...
prompting a crush of tourists ...
(The Oregonian)


Early Peterson field guides still useful, inspiring to birders ...
(Chicago Daily Herald)

MD: Chan Robbins has participated
in annual CBC since 1934 ... that's
right - 1934! ... (Audubon Magizone)

OH: Magee Marsh wins USA Today best
birdwatching spot ...
(Port Clinton News Herald)

Gunnison Sage Grouse gets federal
protection to prevent extinction ...
(ABC News)


OR: Strycker announces intent to go after World Big Year record ...
wants 5000 birds in 2015 ...
(The Oregonian)

ID: Study finds hummingbirds live
five times longer than thought ...
(CBS News)

MD: Bald Eagles starring at
Conowingo Dam ... now through
February ... (Baltimore Sun)

NJ: Piping Plovers plunge to record
low in New Jersey ... just 92 pairs
... (USA Today)

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the
Week #73 ... (National Geographic)

New tool for measuring birds from
photographs ... (

more headlines on Page 2 ...


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